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Pharmacokinetics (PK-group)

Our research vision in the  PK-group is “the right drug at the right dose to each patient”. We perform both basal as well as clinical research.

About the group

The research vision for the PK-group is “the right drug at the right dose to each patient”. We perform translational research covering both cellular (molecular) investigations of basal pharmacokinetic mechanisms and clinical trials as a way to implement better guiding systems for individual drug dosing in patients.

For many years have the PK-group had a tight and productive collaboration with several clinical research groups and have hence good availability of clinical materials to test our hypothesis on. Our strength is the unique opportunity to study the relevance of our molecular findings in a clinical situation.

Research projects

The PK-group perform in vitro studies of both drug metabolism and drug transport. We use a selection of microsomal models in order to investigate which enzymes that metabolize different drugs and to investigate potential interactions between drugs and other substances. In the transport investigations whole cell models that over-express specific transporters are used in order to investigate which transporters that transport a specific drug. It is also possible to perform interaction studies with these models.

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The PK-group has a tight collaboration with several clinical research groups and performs several clinical trials on different patient populations. We have for instance studied immunosuppressive drugs in solid organ transplant recipients, to investigate what other drugs that may affect the pharmacokinetics to immunosuppressives. In addition we have performed large studies in morbidly obese patients to investigate the mechanism responsible for drug bioavailability.

We have also implemented different modelling software for the investigation of pharmacokinetic associations, utilizing both population modelling and in vitro-in vivo extrapolations.

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