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About PharmaTox

PharmaTox was established January 1st 2015 as a prioritized research initiative supported by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The research projects within PharmaTox will involve specialists in neurotoxicology, pharmacology, teratology, statistics, bioinformatics, epigenetics and epidemiology.

The cultural renewal lies in a strong focus on interdisciplinary teamwork, career development, creation of an inspiring learning environment, generic competencies and international leadership.

The aim

  • The aim is to determine the impact of specific medications on neurodevelopment and propose the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved.

Visions and goals

  • The PharmaTox Strategic Research Initiative will become a driving force of scientific renewal at the MN faculty dedicated to drug safety research, technical training, and public education.
  • The PharmaTox will challenge our current understanding of how pharmaceuticals act on the nervous system and generate novel insights on molecular mechanisms of drug neurotoxicity, including pharmaco-epigenetic effects.
  • PharmaTox will be a cross-disciplinary arena for exchange of ideas and development of projects at the cutting edge of traditional disciplines.
  • PharmaTox will attract and give young research talents the necessary support to develop into international recognized researchers and to obtain important research grants.
  • PharmaTox will have direct implications for clinical guidelines on how we use pharmaceuticals.
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