PharmaTox Seminar: Nanoparticle interaction with early human placenta

The talk will focus on "Nanoparticle interaction with early human placenta", an upcoming topic in reproductive toxicology.

Exposure to engineered nanomaterial is steadily increasing, but next to nothing is known about the interaction of nanomaterials with the maternal-embryonic interface in humans. This issue is especially challenging because the kinetics of nanomaterials is considered to be more dependent on the (highly species specific) histologic structure of the placental barrier than the kinetics of low molecular weight substances. This knowledge is important in order to address toxicological concerns but would also facilitate the future development of new therapeutic strategies for a target oriented treatment in pregnancy.


Dr. Herbert Juch is a medical doctor specialized in Histology, Embryology and Human Genetics, with special interest in Teratology. He is a senior scientist at the Medical University of Graz, doing research in placentology, reproductive immunology and teratology, and he is a teacher in the medical curriculum, in post graduate courses and in nursery school. In addition he is involved in genetic counselling and he is running the TIS in Graz.


Tags: Neurotoxicology, placenta, Nanomaterials
Published Feb. 11, 2015 3:42 PM - Last modified Feb. 11, 2015 3:54 PM