The social pharmacy research group investigates the effect of cost containment strategies with an emphasis on patient and health professional presepctives.

The growth in public health expenditures constantly increases due to new and better forms of treatments and due to the rising life expectancy of the population. This addresses particular focus to the pharmaceutical market, even though the pharmaceutical expenses represent a relatively small part of the total health expenditures. The Norwegian Authorities have a long tradition in regulating the pharmaceutical market economically as well as clinically. Various cost-saving measures have been adopted in the last ten years (examples are reference pricing and maximum pricing, generic substitution and the requirement of pharmacoeconomical analysis for the assessment of reimbursement status). The social pharmacy research group investigates the effect of such measures – and not least are patient and healthcare professional perspectives focus of the research.

The following studies are ongoing:

  • Willingness-to-pay for reimbursable drugs: What is the patients’ point of view about the co-payment?
  • Attitudes towards and experiences with generic substitution among Norwegian general practitioners
  • Pharmacist-led medication reviews in Norwegian pharmacies
    • A survey about the need of Norwegian patients for pharmacist-led medication reviews and their willingeness-to-pay for this service
    • A health economic evaluation of pharmacist-led medication reviews (on assignment by the Directorate of Health)


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