About the Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy

A national school for PhD pharmaceutical students from all of Norway's pharmaceutical educational institutes was established in 2013 in cooperation with the National Research Council of Norway.

The PhD School is comprised of the following institutions:

The Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy aims to:

  • Provide high-level PhD courses
  • Promote internationalization by offering travel grants to outbound members and inbound guest lecturers
  • Arrange a yearly meeting for PhD students and advisers in all disciplines related to pharmaceutical studies
  • Make scientific equipment from the consortium members available to all PhD students
  • Encourage students to present their own research and build professional networks
  • Present quick-courses for a variety of relevant themes, including presentation techniques, grant application writing and paper writing

All PhD students, who start a PhD at any of the above mentioned partner institutions are automatically added to our member list and should receive our welcome email. If this has not happened in your case, please send us an email.

If you are a PhD candidate, who is interested in pharmacy-related studies but primarily works in chemistry, microbiology, medicine and/or community health, you are welcome to apply using this form. However, your primary supervisor HAS to be employed by one of our partner institutions (see above). If your supervisor is NOT employed at any of our partner institutions, you can still apply and might be granted associated membership status. This means that you can attend the annual conference (fully funded) and participate in courses (if free spaces are available). However, you will not have the opportunity to apply for travel grants.

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