NFIF annual conference 2019

NFIF is welcoming PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and supervisors to the conference that will take place at Holmen Fjordhotell in Asker.

Program 27 and 28 May, breakfast and check-out from the hotel 29 May.  

Photo: Holmen Fjordhotell


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Registration deadline is 15 April 2019. Register here

Cancellation or changes in reservation 

Participants should inform of changes regarding their stay by email to no later than Monday 15 April 2019. NFIF will not cover the travel expences for members who cancel after 15 April.

Travel and hotel

You must book your own travel, and you will be reimbursed after the conference. Rooms at Holmen Fjordhotell are booked by NFIF. 


Please send abstract of talks and poster to                            by 14 April. 

For research groups: Guidelines for abstracts of poster of research groups can be found here. 

For own research: Abstracts of talks and poster presentation of own research should include title, name and institution. If multiple authors contributed to the work, denote the presenter with an asterisk (*). Follow a standard pattern with subheadings for your abstract, e.g. background, goals, material and methods, results and conclusions.


Information about poster dimensions and presentations tips



Sveinung Stensland

Sveinung Stensland is Second Vice Chair, The Standing Committee on Health and Care Services at Stortinget. He has a master in pharmacology from the University of Oslo and has been working as an pharmacist. He has also been a manager and regional manager at Apotek 1. 

Read more about Sveinung Stensland here.


Daniel S. Quintana

Daniel Quintana is a researcher in biological psychiatry at the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research (NORMENT) at the University of Oslo. His primary research interests encompass how hormones and cardiovascular function impact mental health. Daniel is additionally interested in the emerging discipline of meta-research, whose goal is to evaluate and improve research practices. He also co-hosts ‘Everything Hertz’, a podcast on methodology and scientific life as an early career researcher.


Ilan Dehli Villanger

Ilan Dehli Villanger work as Senior Advisor at the MN-faculty at UiO. He is responsible for students (and colleagues) wellbeing, through counselling and tailor-made seminars. Ilan has developed a counselling method, where those who are counselled are being Met, Seen, Heard, Respected and Liked (MSHRL). Ilan thinks love/caring is essential being a human – thus being the faculty’s “love”-alibi. Ilans educational background is in the fields of psychology, sociology, business and marketing. He is a former Head-hunter and Entrepreneur and has worked at NTNU and UiO since 2005 and where he has guided more than 4500 students/employees.

Read about Ilan`s topic at the NFIF conference Mental health and coping with stress


Jan Terje Andersen

1Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway.

2Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo

3Member of the Young Academy of Norway

The half-life of the two most abundant proteins in blood, IgG and serum albumin, is extraordinary and roughly 3 weeks in humans. This phenomenon secures a broad biodistribution throughout the body of both molecules. The long half-life has made IgG the natural choice for engineering of antibody-based therapeutics, while albumin is increasingly used as a fusion partner or carrier of drugs. Remarkably, the half-life of these two unrelated proteins has been shown to be prolonged by a cellular recycling pathway mediated by a common cell-bound receptor named FcRn. I will discuss how we combine structural and biochemical analyses with cellular and in vivo studies to gain in-depth molecular insights that guide design of novel albumin and antibody molecules with improved functions that may translate into the next-generation of biologics.

Click here for information about The Laboratory of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis, Jan Terje Andersen`s research and The Young Academy of Norway. 



How to integrate RRI in your project early and meaningfully

Moderator: Raffael Himmelsbach

Raffael Himmelsbach is coordinator for responsible research and innovation at the Centre for Digital Life Norway and senior adviser at NTNU. He earned his PhD in political science from the University of Lausanne in 2014, followed by postdoc appointments at Linköping University and Aarhus University. His academic expertise focuses on scientific governance, the role of expert advice in public policy, and participatory management of natural resources. He has worked in Switzerland, Mongolia, USA, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Link to abstract 


Increasing visibility and impact by social media 

Moderator: Elina Melteig (Communication Advicer, UiO) 

Elina Melteig work as a communications adviser and web editor at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo. She has loved the natural sciences since she was a little girl, and this is why she wants to spread this enthusiasm for knowledge to the general audience. She took a masters and bachelor in bionanotechnology, but she also has a bachelor in arabic including media sciences as a part of that degree.

All differnet kinds of communication, from public speeches and events, to text, images and social media, is something she considers as a valid tool for sharing information.

Link to abstract


Writing press releases 

Moderator: Elina Melteig (Communication Advicer, UiO) 

Link to abstract


Writing up your PhD thesis - structure, level of detail, and enthusiasm! 

Moderator: Anne Gerd Granås (Professor, UiO) 

Link to abstract


Increasing your impact through innovation 

Moderators: Nils A. Labba (Doctoral Research Fellow, UiO)

Bjarte Reve (Head, Helseinnovatørskolen)


Nordic POP - Network meeting for supervisors

Moderator: Ingun Tho, Professor, UiO



If you have any questions regarding NFIFs annual conference, please email us:


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