Seminar on Medication reviews

From Medicines Management to Medicine Optimisation

Michael Scott has for numerous years been engaged in the development and implementation of medication review in Northern Ireland.

At the seminar he will share experiences from the implementation of medication review in the health care system in Northern Ireland. He has also extensive research collaboration on development and innovation for medication reviews and medicine optimisation systems.

Integrated Medicines Management in Norway – experiences and future opportunities

Malin Davidsson is head of department for Pharmaceutical Services, Hospital Pharmacy Oslo.

Marianne Lea is PhD student at the same place, and at School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo.

They will share experiences from the introduction of clinical pharmacy services in relation to organization and training of clinical pharmacists. Marianne will report on experiences from her PhD: the Oslo Pharmacist intervention study – Effects on Readmissions (OPERA -study).

The seminar program can be found here.

Open lecture. Welcome!

Questions? -please contact Anne Gerd Granås


Norwegian Ph.D. School of Pharmacy, Sykehusapotekene HF and School of Pharmacy
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