Seminar on Undergraduate and Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Training and Development

On behalf of the Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy and School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, we have the pleasure to invite you to a seminar on: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Training and Development 


Professor Michael Scott gives a lecture on:

Medicines Optimisation and clinical pharmacy staff

Michael has for numerous years been engaged in the development and implementation of medication review in Northern Ireland. 

This lecture will cover the processes involved with the necessary competencies required for medicines optimization and how this is achieved in terms of undergraduate and post graduate training and development. 



Kirsten K. Viktil gives a lecture on:

Developing and running a clinical pharmacy postgraduate master degree - lessons learnt and future goals

Associated professor PhD, cand.pharm Kirsten K. Viktil is a teaching practitioner at the School of Pharmacy and a clinical pharmacist at Diakonhjemmet Hospital Pharmacy. She will share experiences from the planning and implementation of a part time clinical pharmacyeducation. 



After the lectures, we will reflect upon future needs to strengthen the teaching and practice of clinical pharmacy in Norway.


The seminar program can be found here.

Open lecture. Welcome!

Questions? -please contact Anne Gerd Granås

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