ENTIS-ISoP-NFIF Training Course - Risk assessment of drug use during pregnancy and lactation

Course content

This training course will address the specific areas of drug use during pregnancy or breastfeeding and pharmacovigilance. Experts working on these fields either in hospitals or community settings, drug agencies, pharmaceutical industry, or in academia are the target audiences. Items in the program will address basic and specific aspects of teratology, some epidemiologic tools to monitor drug use during pregnancy, and risk communication in this specific setting.

Main Topics

  • Lessons learned from thalidomide – principles of teratology
  • Abnormalities of prenatal skeletal development
  • Pharmacoepidemiology of drugs during pregnancy
  • Specific diseases and exposures during pregnancy, e.g.: maternal hypertension, thyroid diseases and iodine deficiency, maternal obesity and diabetes, vitamins and supplements epilepsy and anti-epileptics, depression and antidepressants, autoimmune diseases and immunomodulatory drugs.
  • Infant’s mental development after intrauterine exposure
  • Drug exposure during breastfeeding
  • Risk perception and risk communication

The faculty for this course consists of experts in teratology, pharmacovigilance, and communication.


Please visit the course's website for further information and registration.

Published June 2, 2016 1:04 PM - Last modified July 4, 2017 12:35 PM