MBI8001 - NFIF - Molecular and clinical aspects of infection, inflammation and immunity

Course contents

The course provides insight and knowledge of the research fields of antimicrobial drugs, pharmacoepidemiology, antimicrobial resistance, microbial adaption and evolution, resistance determinants, spread of resistance, microbial determinants for colonisation and infection, biofilm, host determinants for bacterial colonisation, host response, all aspects of innate and adaptive immune response to alloantigens, microbial antigens and autoantigens, and infection epidemiology.

Objective of the course

From this course students should be able to:Define a relevant research question within the scientific field of this course.Suggest a research approach to answer the problem.Consider methods to apply.Consider the research knowledge about important questions, approaches, applied methods and research activities within selected topics within the research areas infection, inflammation and immunity.

Application deadline

Registration deadline for PhD students and students at the Medical Student Research Program at Uit - The Arctic University of Norway: February 1st

Application deadline for external applicants: March 1st

For more information, see UiT's website.

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