Advanced course in pharmacoepidemiology

NFIF is co-organizer of a pre-conference course at the 2016 NorPEN conference, which will take place in November at Stockholm, Sweden. 

NFIF members are entitled to reimbursement of course attendance costs.

The purpose of the course is to explore two common methodological complications in designing pharmacoepidemiological studies: exposure definition and confounding by indication. The course provides the skills to handle these significant problems and the participants will learn to apply the most common solution for confounding by indication which is propensity score.

Read more about the here.

Registration deadline is October 26th.

NFIF members who wish to attend the course can have all costs refunded without applying for NFIF travel grant.

NorPEN (Nordic PharmacoEpidemiological Network) is arranging it's 2016 conference on November 16-18. If you wish to attend the NorPEN conference as well, you may apply for a travel grant to finance conference-related costs at the upcoming NFIF application deadline on October 15.


Published Sep. 19, 2016 11:39 AM - Last modified June 14, 2019 12:36 PM