FRM9925 – NFIF - Real world research – qualitative methods

The course entails qualitative real world research methods at an advanced scientific level for research within the Social and Clinical Pharmacy area.

The course focuses on both theoretical lectures and practical assignments.

Learning outcome

  1. Have an understanding of the foundations for qualitative methodology and methods
  2. Have a broad understanding of a range of qualitative methods: focus groups, interviews, covert and overt observation and documentary analysis and different approaches for analysis
  3. Have an understanding of how to use theory in qualitative research (inductive and deductive approaches)
  4. Be able to discuss the role of the researcher when using qualitative methods, including how preconceptions affect the research
  5. Have an understanding of concepts such as different sampling strategies, saturation of data, and research ethics and quality of qualitative research
  6. Have first-hand experience with interviews/observations, and be able to reflect upon them
  7. Have a specific experience of a chosen method of analysis (will be chosen based on needs/wishes of participants)

Registration and more about this course on the official course page.

Registration deadline is August 1st 2018.



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