External Funding Opportunities for PhD Students

This is a non-exhaustive list of funding sources for PhD students. Check the official websites to each source to find out more about selection criteria and corresponding deadlines.

Check all NFR’s calls for proposals here.

  1. Student Entrepreneurship (STUD-ENT)
    This grant is designed to allow recently graduated Master Students to develop business ideas resulting from their research.
  2. FRIPRO – Funding Scheme for Independent
    This is an ideal program for last-stage Ph.D. students and young researchers. There are three types of grants available under the Researcher Project program:

3. Personal Overseas Research Grants 
These grants cover costs of settling in and related extra costs in connection with a research visit abroad lasting from three to 12 months.

4. Collaborative Project to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges
Supported projects are to develop new knowledge and generate research competence needed by society or the business sector to address important societal challenges. The projects are to encourage and support collaboration between research organisations and stakeholders from outside the research sector that represent societal and/or industry needs for knowledge and research competence.  



  1. European Research Council (ERC) - Visiting Research Fellowships
    Some national or regional funding agencies offer grants to visit an ERC-funded project. Some of those projects might accept Ph.D. students and young researchers.
  2. European Research Council (ERC) - International Arrangement Funding
    Some national funding agencies especially target non-EU citizens regardless of their age and specialty. Selection criteria and conditions vary between programs.

Erasmus+ is also open for Ph.D. students and post-docs wishing to engage in an international experience. Erasmus offers various grants depending on the characteristics of your travel and based on institutional agreements. Contact your institution’s international coordinator for more guidance about relevant ERASMUS agreements with foreign universities.

For general information about this program check the official website.

  1. Erasmus+ for training mobility (UiO link).
    See also information provided by the European Commission.
  2. Erasmus+ for teaching mobility (UiO link).
    See also the information provided by the European Commission.


  1. Nordic POP (patient-oriented products) offers several grant modalities, such as mobility and exchange, to researchers affiliated to its network (among them the UiO and UiT).
  2. Nordic Programme for Interdisciplinary Research
    PhD students have the possibility to participate in the activities arranged by these grant-holder networks. In order to find out which networks are relevant for you, see a list of active programs here.


These institutions offer an array of grants in order to promote research and cooperation to the benefit of their communities. Note that in some cases, the regional health authorities have established priority areas.

  1. Helse Vest
  2. Helse Sør-Øst
  3. Helse Nord
  4. Helse Midt-Norge


  1. The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS or Kreftforeningen) gives various forms of financial support to researchers working with the prevention and treatment of cancer
  2. ExtraStiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering (Stiftelsen Dam) offers financial support to researchers working in collaboration with diverse organisations (previously approved).
  3. The Ola Thon Foundation offers several grants for research projects in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and medicine.
  4. The Kristine Bonnevie travel stipend (for UiO Phd Students, Post-docs and Researchers)
  5. The Norsk Farmasøytisk Selskap stipend offers financial support (NOK 15000-25000) for conducting theoretical and practical studies and work which contributes to the pharmaceutical sciences (Eligibility depending on membership).
  6. The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association (Norske kvinners sanitetsforening) offers grants for doctoral and post-doctoral research within certain prioritized areas (information only available in Norwegian).
  7. UNIFOR is a Norwegian organisation managing an array of foundations and similar organisations dedicated to providing financial support to the study of and research within several disciplines. Check their open calls here.
  8. The Nordic Cancer Union research grant offers funding to support and stimulate collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries. Researchers working in two Nordic countries or more must be involved in the project. NCU research grants are provided for one year.
  9. DIKU - Mitacs Accelerate International offers funding to Norwegian Master and PhD students to do an internship in a Canadian enterprise.
  10. NOVONORDISK Foundation offers an array of grants for researchers based in Denmark or collaborating with a Danish institution.
  11. Peder Sather Grant Program supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers from nine Norwegian universities. The Center offers grants of between $10K and $25K. Funds are made available for two academic years.  Grants can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for Principal Investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities. 

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