Travel grants

You should apply to cover the travel arrangements that overall are most affordable. Here you can find information about the different travel grants and how to apply. Before applying, please check the Guidelines section for detailed explanation.

What kind of grants do we offer?

1. NFIF's annual conference

Participation at NFIF's annual conference, which is organised once a year by the Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy, is covered for all members of NFIF, who sign up before the registration deadline. Travel and accommodation is covered for participants, who travel from afar. Board and lodging is usually offered at the conference venue. Travel expenses will be refunded when reimbursement form and original receipts have been submitted. Members of the PhD School do not need to apply for travel grants in advance of the national PhD conference.


2. NFIF's PhD courses

Participation at PhD courses that are organised by NFIF are partially covered for those who have been granted a place at the course and have a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. In detail, NFIF will usually cover expenses associated with travel and accommodation. Expenses will be refunded once the reimbursement form (see below) and letter of recommendation have been submitted along with information about: project title, expected date of completion of the PhD, main supervisor or internal supervisor. NFIF members do not need to apply for travel grants in advance of the courses.


3. Courses and conferences

Members of the PhD School can receive a travel grant to participate at conferences, courses or workshops in Norway if the application provides a clear and thorough explanation why and how participation will benefit  the candidate’s project.

  • For participation in courses, conferences, research meetings, network meetings, etc. NFIF offers travel grants up to 25,000 NOK. The grant covers costs of travel, accommodation and participation fees. Diet costs are not typically covered.

Attendance to conferences abroad are generally discouraged because of COVID-19. Applications to attend these events will only be considered when applicants show that such attendance is essential for the completion of their doctoral project.

4. Research stays abroad

Members of the PhD School can receive a travel grant for research stays abroad if the application provides a clear explanation why and how the research stay will benefit the candidate’s project.
The grant typically covers travel and accommodation costs. Diet costs can be covered if accommodation does not provide access to kitchen facilities. Other costs may be covered if the need for those is clearly documented and is within the maximum funding amount for the specific time period.

  • PhD students can only receive one NFIF research stay grant per year.
  • PhD students may apply for several shorter research stays in one application as long as it does not accede the maximum amount per year of 60,000 NOK (incl. travel).
  • Phd students who have not received research stay grants will be prioritized.

For research stays, NFIF offers the following grants:

  • For research stays up to two weeks: up to 20,000 NOK (incl. travel)
  • For research stays of a month: up to 35,000 NOK (incl. travel)
  • For research stays for two months: up to 48,000 NOK (incl. travel)
  • For research stays of three months or longer: up to 60,000 NOK (incl. travel)

NOTE: Research stay abroad is generally discouraged. Such applications will only be considered when applicants show that attendance is essential for the completion of their doctoral project.

5. NFIF Supervisor Travel Grant Scheme

This schemes aims to promote international collaboration within Excellent Education and Research lasting beyond the duration of the Research School in itself.

This scheme also is in line with NFIFs aim to promote student mobility and internalisation.

Supervisors that are active members of NFIF (participating at the annual NFIF conference, organizing NFIF courses, hosting NFIF guest lecturers and the like) can apply for a travel grant of up to 50 000 NOK to visit NFIF PhD students when the PhD students are abroad at research stays or to prepare for student visits. No supervisor can receive more than one grant.

Supervisors who receive such a grant will commit to providing a NFIF webinar about a scientific topic of their own choice.

To apply, please send an application to NFIF administration.

The application must include:

  • A clear explanation of why and how your visit will benefit the student’s project
  • Expected date for travel
  • Budget plan

Expenses will be refunded once the reimbursement form and evaluation form have been submitted. 

Applications may be submitted at any time prior to the proposed event. NFIF will assess applications continuously and on an individual basis. Grant allocations will depend on the limited availability of NFIF funds. Applications may be sent to NFIF administration.

How to apply (for PhD students)

The application must be in English and include the following:

  1. Personal details, project title, expected date of completion of the PhD, main supervisor etc. and a proposed budget
  2. A letter of motivation in which the applicant describes his/her motivations and intentions, and the unique value the specific conference/course/workshop offers. 
  3. A signed invitation letter from the hosting institution (for research stays only)
  4. A signed letter of recommendation from the supervisor.

Applications MUST be submitted in advance of travel.

Apply here!  


Reimbursement of travel expenses

In general, we will reimburse you for your actual expenses AFTER the conference/research stay.

Thus, please save all your relevant receipts.

Advance payments of grants will only be granted in exceptional cases and must be applied for.

If you have been awarded a grant from NFiF you MUST hand in the following material to get your expenses refunded:

  • A short summary of the purpose and result of your travel (max. 500 words) together with 1-2 pictures from the journey.
    This report will be published on our website (Examples of previous Travel grant reports).
  • The "Expense refund" form together with the ORIGINAL receipts from your travel.These should be sent by mail.
  • You MUST fill out our evaluation form, which will be send to you after your conference visit/research stay

Please note that all employees at the University of Oslo should use the "Expense refund" form in the HR-portal.

All others should use the following form. For internal use, please include the following numbers:

Koststed/Place: 152300

Prosjekt/Project: 143812

Tiltak/Cost type: 914013 (travel grants), 914012 (when attending NFIF PhD courses) or 914011 (when attending NFIF's annual conference).

Expense refund forms:

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