Visit by Professor Michael Scott to Tromsø and Oslo

Professor Michael Scott from Northern Ireland visited both the Department of Pharmacy at UiT the Arctic University of Norway and the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo in March 2017. The Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy (NFIF) funded Professor Scott's trip.

Photo: MOIC


We have in March 2017 been very lucky to host Professor Michael Scott from Northern Ireland at the Department of Pharmacy, UiT the Arctic University of Norway and the School of Pharmacy, Oslo University. To enable inviting Professor Scott, we have received funding from the Norwegian Research School of Pharmacy and are very grateful. 

Professor Michael Scott is a central person in relation to research and development of systems to increase medication safety in Northern Ireland. He has held a number of positions within the hospital service sector of the Health and Social Care System in Northern Ireland.  In 1994, he established the first academic practice unit in conjunction with the Queens University of Belfast.  He has led teams that have won national and regional awards relating to medicines management and infectious diseases work.  In 2009, he was made an honorary Professor of Pharmacy Practice and was awarded the GHP 2010 gold medal for outstanding contribution to the health service at national level. He has been the Head of Pharmacy and Medicines Management in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.  In 2015, he also became the Director of the Regional Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) for Northern Ireland as well as the Chair of the European Connected Health Alliance inter-eco system Medicines Optimisation Working Group. In 2016, he was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA).

Tromsø: In Tromsø, Professor Scott participated in a 2-day network meeting within clinical pharmacy on Monday-Tuesday March 20-21 together with 17 other participants from both Norway and Great Britain. Here we provided him with insight into both local and national research projects concerning medication safety. He also got a guided tour at the Geriatric Department at the University hospital of North Norway (UNN) where we have a randomized controlled trial concerning optimization of medications in elderly ongoing.

In connection with the network meeting, we arranged a lecture for the entire Faculty of Health Research Sciences at the University titled ”Medicine Optimisation - What is it? And why we need it”. The lecture gave a fundamental background into how medication errors occur and the present knowledge we have in this field. The lecture was announced broadly at the Faculty, and also at the Hospital and in the hospital Pharmacy. About 25-30 persons participated at the lecture in person, and ten through streaming. After the lecture, Professor Scott participated in a network meeting within clinical pharmacy where he held a lecture concerning which actions can be taken to increase medication safety, what has worked in Northern Ireland and specific suggestions about how to continue this work. Both lectures were successful and important to increase the attention of medication safety, both in the clinical and University environment.

Oslo: In Oslo, Professor Scott held two seminars on Thursday March 23. The first was held on the School of Pharmacy and concerned education within clinical pharmacy. The title of the lecture was “Undergraduate and postgraduate clinical pharmacy training and development”. During the same seminar, Associate Professor Kirstin Viktil presented a lecture with the title “Developing and running a clinical pharmacy postgraduate master degree - lessons learnt and future goals”. A total of ten persons participated in the seminar. The second seminar was held at Ullevål Hospital in collaboration with Dr. Liv Mathiesen and the Hospital Pharmacies of South-Eastern Trust. Here, Professor Scott held a lecture focusing on Medication Management, with the title “From Medicines Management to Medicine Optimisation”. The Head of Department for pharmacy services held a lecture with the title “Integrated Medicines Management in Norway – experiences and future opportunities» together with PhD student Marianne Lea. A total of 30 persons participated in the seminar.

On Friday morning March 24, Professor Scott visited the Hospital Østfold Kalnes where he held a lecture adapted to a inter-professional audience with the title «From Medicines Management to Medicine Optimisation». There were about 100 participants at the lecture where he emphasized the role of clinical pharmacists in medication management, prescribing and patient safety at the hospitals in Northern Ireland. He received many questions from the audience related to the boarder or responsibility between the different health care professions within medication safety. After the lecture, Professor Scott participated in a program put together by the Research department at the hospital where he was introduced to the people in charge of Research and Development who also gave him a tour at the Hospital and the Hospital Pharmacy. Professor Anne Gerd Granås took care of him throughout the whole day who also discussed future collaboration and project involvement with him during lunch.

Future work: Professor Scott has given very good feedback concerning his visit in Norway, which has created a foundation for future research collaboration. More specifically, he and his research group is now co-applicants for a research grant to the Norwegian Research Council that was submitted in May. The project involves collaborators from the Department of Pharmacy, UiT the Arctic University (NO), the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo (NO), Diakonhjemmet Hospital Pharmacy (NO), Wolverhampton School of Pharmacy (UK) and Umeå University (SE). In addition, he has invited hospital pharmacists from the Hospital Pharmacy of Østfold, Kalnes, to visit Northern Ireland to see and learn how pharmacists are working there.

We are very grateful for the funding we have received, which was crucial for inviting Professor Scott, a central person within medication safety on a European level.

Best regards,

Beate H. Garcia, Associate Professor, UiT and Anne Gerd Granås, Professor, UiO.


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