How to write a high-impact paper for a high-ranking journal - A Nature Masterclass experience

In June 2017 I had the unique opportunity to attend a two-day course in scientific writing and publishing: the Nature Masterclass. NFIF, together with FORBIO, NORBIS, CEED and IBA made this possible. Overall, the Nature Masterclass experience was very inspiring and fruitful, and shifted my mind set about scientific writing.

Photo: Katherina Steinmetz

Dr Patrick Goymer, Chief Editor, Nature Ecology & Evolution, and Dr Melanie Clyne, Chief Editor, Nature Protocols, taught the Nature Masterclass. They provided us with important information and insights into how to write a high-impact paper for a high ranking journal.

Focus was given to all sections of a scientific paper, spanning from how to write a short, attractive and declarative title, to how to build a solid discussion section. Focus was given to how to write a sound cover letter, and the two Chief Editors also made us understand in a better way the editorial processes and how we, as young researcher at the beginning of our career, should work with them.

Overall, the workshop material, lectures and assignments were really helpful. The lectures were very interactive and the lecturers always gave room to questions from the audience. It was really helpful to receive individual feedback on the assignments (cover letter, abstract), which I will definitely take into account for my future papers.

I encourage all PhD students and postdoc research fellows to consider attending this high-level writing course in the future. It makes young researchers appreciate how to tailor results and pitch to the target audience, with the ultimate goal of understanding “What makes a Nature paper?” and put into practice this gained new knowledge

By NFIF member Angela Lupattelli, postdoc, School of Pharmacy, UiO
Published June 27, 2017 2:18 PM - Last modified Aug. 20, 2018 2:10 PM