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Professor - Structure Physics
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Phone +47 22852424
Room 109
Visiting address Forskningsparken Gaustadalleen 21 0349 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic Interests


To understand the basic physics of materials from the point of the atomic scale. We do that by theoretically model and calculate complex material structures. The intention is to desig materials for the use in primarily renewable energy technologies, such as solar cells, LEDs, and thermoelectric devices. The physics at the interface between two materials is very important to analyze the electron, ion, and heat transport in these devices. By understanding the fundamental physics of materials, we can propose new, inexpensive, environmental-friendly, and efficient materials. Thus, we are involved in the development of future energy technologies.

We use world-leading and very powerful computer program to calculate the fundamental properties of materials (Wien2k, VASP, Exciting). We are also involved in developing the software in order to studying new material properties. These computer programs are theoretical tools in our studies. The research is focused on analyzing different types of material structures to obtain both broad and deep theoretical understanding of materials at the atomic level to micrometer scale.




Higher education and employment history

2011 - present   Professor at Department of Physics, UiO. Area: Theoretical Material Physics;

2011- present   Docent/Associate Professor [Univ Lektor] (20%) at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

2013 - 2017  Deputy Head Research, at Dept of Physics, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway.

2007 -  2011  Docent/Associate Professor at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; Area: Theoretical Material Physics for Energy Engineering.

2004 - 2007   Assistant Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

2002 - 2004   Postdoctor at Solid State Theory Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden CO, USA.

2000 -  2002  Postdoctor at Condensed Matter Therory, Uppsala University.

1999    PhD at Material Science Division, Linköping University. Area: Theoretical Studies on Si and SiC.



Collaborative projects and joint papers with over 100 research groups in 30 countries; see Personal Home Page.


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Tags: materials science, Theoretical physics, Renewable energy, atomistic modeling, DFT, Green's functions, Programming, SMN
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