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Mobile phone +4790857292
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 24 Fysikkbygningen 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1032 Blindern 0315 Oslo
Other affiliations Biophysics and Medical Physics

Check out cancer-sim.com for an audiovisual presentation of tissue displacement tracking in brain cancer

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Svensson, Siri Fløgstad, et al. "Decreased tissue stiffness in glioblastoma by MR Elastography is associated with increased cerebral blood flow." medRxiv (2021): 2021-06.
Hovden, Ivar T., et al. "The impact of EPI-based distortion correction of dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI on cerebral blood volume estimation in patients with glioblastoma." European Journal of Radiology 132 (2020): 109278. [in 1 minute: pptx]
Hovden, Ivar Thokle. Multivariate Analysis on Preprocessed Time-Frequency Representations of Electrode Voltage Signals from Microelectrode Array Experiments on an in-vitro Dopaminergic Neuronal Culture. MS thesis. NTNU, 2018.
Hovden, Ivar Thokle. Principal Component Analysis on a time series of Micro Electrode-Array recordings of Dopaminergic neurons. MS project report. NTNU, 2017.
Hovden, Ivar Thokle. Long-term frequency band characteristics of a stimulated stem cell-derived dopaminergic neuronal culture. TTK7. NTNU, 2017.



Gu, Xuan, and Anders Eklund. "Evaluation of six phase encoding based susceptibility distortion correction methods for diffusion MRI." Frontiers in neuroinformatics 13 (2019): 76.



(CRAI meeting 2021): Principal components, autoencoder and glioblastoma [presentation: pptx]

(ISMRM 2021) The use of a DSC-MRI perfusion atlas for cerebral blood volume normalization and its impact in improving prognostic estimation [abstract: pdf; poster presentation: png]

(OUS ADF & CRAI meetings 2021) Displacements in brain cancer imaging [presentation: pdf]

(ADF meeting 2021): Synthetic and estimated tissue displacement in high-grade glioma [presentation: pdf]

(ISMRM 2020) Increased cerebral blood volume in cortical and subcortical brain regions in Glioblastoma patients after EPI distortion correction [abstract: pdf; digital poster presentation: pptx, mp4]

(MAGNETOMforum 2019) The Impact of EPI-based Distortion Correction of Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI in Patients with Glioblastoma [presentation: pptx]

(KRN PhD Seminar 2019) Echo-planar Imaging distortion correction in Glioblastoma patients [presentation: pdf]

(ESNR2019 & GeiloWS 2020) How does magnetic susceptibility distortion impact EPI-based perfusion MRI? [abstract: docx; poster: pdf, pdf]

(NMFM2019) Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) Distortion Correction for Accurate Coregistration of Perfusion and Anatomical MRI [abstract: pdf; poster: pdf]

(UIO IN9400 2019) Optimizing Artificial Neural Network Hyperparameters and Architecture [essay: pdf]

(ISMRM 2018) Susceptibility Distortion Correction for Registration of Perfusion and Anatomical MRI [abstract: pdf]

(UIO MNSES9100 2018) Internet of Heads [exam essay: pdf]

Tags: Engineering cybernetics, Medical Imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, neural networks, Neuroinformatics, Control systems

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