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Room FV 209, Fysikkbygningen vest
Other affiliations Department of physics

I am an educational researcher, mathematical physicist and science communicator. Currently, I work as a PhD researcher in the physics education group at the University of Oslo. I have developed an online learning environment about Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and study learning processes in Einsteinian physics within the design-based research project ReleQuant. Interested in learning more? Please get in touch or go to my personal homepage.

Academic interests

  • Educational reconstruction of general relativity & teaching and learning of Einsteinian Physics
  • Conceptual understanding of abstract scientific concepts 
  • Embodied cognition and embodied interaction
  • The role of language in learning science & computer-supported collaborative learning
  • Philosophy of Science & Philosophy of Education

Background - Academia

  • Master of Science in Mathematics (Mathematical physics and operator algebras), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Universitetet i Oslo (2015)

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Mathematical physics and differential geometry), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (2012)

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics (Astrophysics and dynamical systems), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (2011)

Background - Journalism and Science Communication

  • Diploma Public Relations ManagementFreie Journalistenschule Berlin, Germany (2015 - 2018)

  • Project leader and mentor of online physics magazine Detektor (2013 - 2016)

  • Internship at German scientific magazine Welt der Physik (2012)

  • Blogger and writer for the physics department's online educational portal  LP Göttingen (2009 - 2015)


  • Spring 2018: FYS4160 - General Relativity

  • Spring 2017: FYS4160 - General Relativity

  • Autumn 2016: FYS1120 - Electromagnetism

  • Teaching assistant and course reader (undergraduate courses in physics and mathematics), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (2009-2015)

  • Summer math camp Mathe Camp, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (2013)

Other Activities

  • Member of ESERA (European Science Education Research Association)

  • Member of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction)

  • Member of ISLS (International Society of the Learning Sciences)

  • Member of PESGB (Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain)

  • Member of UiODoc: Events Officer (2016 - 2017)

Tags: Physics, Mathematics, Physics education, General relativity, Technology-based learning, Science communication, History and philosophy of science


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  • Kersting, Magdalena (2019). Bringing general relativity to secondary schools: Design and evaluation of a digital learning environment.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2019). Curved Spacetime: Investigating Students' Conceptual Understanding in General Relativity.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2019). Free Fall in Curved Spacetime.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). General Relativity – Why high school students should learn about Einstein’s most revolutionary idea. Show summary
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). General Relativity in Upper Secondary School.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). General Relativity in Upper Secondary School: How Philosophy of Science Can Inform Physics Education of the 21st century.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). Generell relativitetsteori. [www ].
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). How history and philosophy of science can inform teaching and learning of general relativity in upper secondary school.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). How history and philosophy of science can inform teaching and learning of general relativity in upper secondary school.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). International perspectives on Einsteinian Physics at upper secondary school level.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). Modernising Physics Teaching.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). Navigating Four Dimensions. Lateral Magazine. Show summary
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). Navigating four dimensions – upper secondary students’ understanding of movement in spacetime.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2018). The Role of Imagination in the Language Games of the Science Classroom.
  • Kersting, Magdalena & Steier, Rolf (2018). Gravity, imagination and embodied conceptions of spacetime.
  • Steier, Rolf & Kersting, Magdalena (2018). When a sandwich becomes the earth: imagination and creativity with improvised representations..
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2017). Teaching General Relativity in Upper Secondary Schools: an Educational Reconstruction.
  • Kersting, Magdalena; Henriksen, Ellen Karoline; Bøe, Maria Vetleseter & Angell, Carl (2017). Educational Reconstruction of General Relativity Through a Collaborative Online Learning Environment.
  • Kersting, Magdalena & Myhrehagen, Henning Vinjusveen (2017). A Relatively Modern Physics Lesson.
  • Kersting, Magdalena; Zadnik, Marjan; Stannard, Warren; Moschilla, John & Blair, David (2017). An International Research Collaboration in the Teaching and Learning of Einsteinian Physics.
  • Bungum, Berit; Henriksen, Ellen Karoline; Frågåt, Thomas & Kersting, Magdalena (2016). ReleKvant - læring og undervisning i kvantefysikk og relativitetsteori.
  • Henriksen, Ellen Karoline; Angell, Carl; Bungum, Berit; Bøe, Maria Vetleseter; Tellefsen, Cathrine Wahlstrøm; Frågåt, Thomas & Kersting, Magdalena (2016). ReleKvant - undervisningsopplegg om relativitetsteori og kvantefysikk.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2016). Curved space and warped time: Students’ understanding of gravity.
  • Kersting, Magdalena (2016). General Relativity: Making Einstein’s Theory Teachable.
  • Kersting, Magdalena; Frågåt, Thomas; Henriksen, Ellen Karoline & Tellefsen, Cathrine Wahlstrøm (2016). Introduction to ReleQuant: Developing online learning resources in modern physics.

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