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Visiting address Sem Sælandsvei 24 Fysikk bygningen 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic interests

In several geological systems fluids are produced inside rocks during chemical reactions or dehydration. For example during generation of oil and gas from their source rocks, hydrocarbons are expelled from low-permeability shales and migrate to higher permeability sandstone reservoirs. If the fluid flow cannot be accommodated by diffusion or Darcy flow through pores, the fluid generation can cause local pressure build-up and fracture the rock.  During this process a drainage fracture network is formed which provides fluid escape. With time, fractures open and close in chaotic or periodic manner depending on the crack network configuration, fluid production rate and rock properties.

To monitor this process I use X-ray micro-tomography at ESRF synchrotron ID19; analogue physical modeling and high-pressure autoclave experiments. 

Key words: X-ray micro-tomography imaging, digital rock analysis, experiments


  • 2013-->postdoc, physics
  • 2013    PhD, University of Oslo
  • 2009    MSc in mechanics and applied mathematics,  Saint-Petersburg State University
  • 2005    BSc in mathematics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia 
  • 2001    BSc in physics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia



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  • Dysthe, Dag Kristian; Kobchenko, Maya; Hafver, Andreas; Panahi, Hamed; Jamtveit, Bjørn & Renard, Francois Marie Paul L (2014). Temporal and spatial characteristics of drainage fracture networks in elastic media with internal fluid generation.
  • Kobchenko, Maya (2013). Fracturing of tight rocks during internal fluid production: implications for primary migration.

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