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Academic Interests

Upgrading Front-end Electronics of Time Projection Chamber detector in the ALICE experiment at CERN.

Radiation Effects in Electronics.

Ultra Low Voltage CMOS.

Floating gates.


  • Course responsible for FYS4260 - Microsystems and electronic packaging and interconnection technologies. (Spring 2014)
  • Lab Assistant for INF5460 - Electrical noise – counter measures and calculation. (Autumn 2014)
  • Lab Assistant for FYS1120 - Electromagnetism. (Autumn 2015)
  • Lab Assistant for FYS2160 - Thermodynamics and statistical physics. (Autumn 2015)

Higher edLab Assistant for FYS2160 - Thermodynamics and statistical physics. (Autumn 2015)ucation and employment history

08/2008-06/2013          Department of Informatics, UIO, Norway. Professional studies in Microelectronics(5-year study program)

Master thesis: ”NP domino logic gates for Ultra Low Voltage and High Speed Applications”.

07/2014-09/2014 Research Stay

During summer 2014, I had a 2 months research stay at Electrical Engineering-Polytechnical School, University of Sao Paulo, where I worked closely with the microelectronics group at the Polytechnical institute in order to design the SAMPA chip for CERN. 
The SAMPA chip is the front-end electronics chip for two of the main detectors Time Projection Chamber (TPC) and Muon Chamber (MCH) at ALICE. This is a part of update for RUN3 which foresees to start in 2018.
The main objective of the stay was to design complete blocks of Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) and an analog buffer in order to drive an output of 50 pF. The blocks were integrated with the whole analog front-end in order to verify the whole system functionality.



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