Svenn-Arne Dragly

Doctoral Research Fellow - Condensed Matter Physics
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Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 24 Fysikkbygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic interests

I have a PhD in computational neuroscience from the University of Oslo, where I worked on computational tools and workflows, and the role of perineuronal networks in grid cells.


I am involved in the project Computing in Science Education and have been a teaching assistant in the following courses:


My background includes a bachelor in Materials Science and Nanotechnology and a Master’s degree in Computational Physics, both from the University of Oslo. In my Master’s thesis, I wrote about the challenge of simulating large numbers of atoms with high levels of accuracy. To deal with this issue, I showed how detailed calculations in quantum physics can be bridged to large-scale simulations in molecular dynamics, using artificial neural networks.





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  • Dragly, Svenn-Arne (2019). Computational Tools for Integrative Neuroscience. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 2121. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Mobarhan, Milad; Lepperød, Mikkel Elle; Tennøe, Simen; Stasik, Alexander Johannes; Fyhn, Marianne; Hafting, Torkel & Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders (2018). Exdir An alternative to HDF5 that uses Numpy files for data, YAML for metadata and simple directories to define the hierarchy.
  • Hafreager, Anders; Dragly, Svenn-Arne & Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders (2018). Increased productivity with real time atomistic simulations using Atomify. Show summary
  • Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Mobarhan, Milad; Solbrå, Andreas Våvang; Tennøe, Simen; Hafreager, Anders; Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders; Fyhn, Marianne; Hafting, Torkel & Einevoll, Gaute (2017). Neuronify: An Educational Simulator for Neural Circuits. Show summary
  • Tennøe, Simen; Mobarhan, Milad; Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Solbrå, Andreas Våvang & Nederbragt, Alexander Johan (2017). Teaching modelling to first-year biology students. Show summary
  • Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Mobarhan, Milad; Solbrå, Andreas Våvang & Tennøe, Simen (2016). Neuronify: An educational app for simulation of neural circuits.
  • Hafreager, Anders & Dragly, Svenn-Arne (2016). Atomify - Editing, simulation and visualization in one tool.
  • Lepperød, Mikkel Elle; Wigestrand, Mattis B; Lensjø, Kristian Kinden; Frey, M.M.; Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Einevoll, Gaute; Solstad, Trygve; Fyhn, Marianne & Hafting, Torkel (2016). Grid cell network resilient to input-specific medial septum perturbations.
  • Mobarhan, Milad; Dragly, Svenn-Arne & Solbrå, Andreas Våvang (2016). Neuronify: an educational app for simulation of neural circuits.
  • Mobarhan, Milad; Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Tennøe, Simen & Solbrå, Andreas Våvang (2016). Introduction to Computational Biology with Python.
  • Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Ness, Torbjørn Vefferstad; Vervaeke, Koen Gerard Alois & Einevoll, Gaute (2015). Discovering extracellular signatures by modeling of local field potentials.
  • Hafreager, Anders & Dragly, Svenn-Arne (2015). Nerver, hjernen og teknologi: Forstå hjernen med programmering.
  • Tennøe, Simen; Mobarhan, Milad; Dragly, Svenn-Arne; Solbrå, Andreas Våvang & Langtangen, Hans Petter (2015). CSE: Computing in Science Education.

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