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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR/ESR) spectroscopy is a unique technique for identifying radicals and other paramagnetic substances.


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Illustration: EPR lab. Photo: Hans F. Asbjørnsen

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Booking: Contact facility manager

Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Eirik Malinen
Location: Sem Sælands vei 26
0371 OSLO



BRUKER EleXsyS 560 SuperX (10"/2.6kW magnet/power supply)

  • X-band EPR/ENDOR-spectrometer.
  • SuperX dispersion type X-band microwave bridge with 200 mW power leveller (60 dB att.) (max. 600 mW with leveller off),
  • low- and high-frequency modulation frequency units.
  • DICE ENDOR system (one DDS only).

BRUKER EleXsyS 560 SuperX (10"/12kW magnet/zero-crossing power supply)

  • X- and Q-band EPR/ENDOR/TRIPLE-spectrometer.
  • SuperX X-band microwave bridge with 200 mW power leveller (60 dB att.)(max. 600 mW with leveller off).
  • ER 050 Q-band bridge,
  • ER 5106-E low-temperature EPR/ENDOR cavity
  • ER 4118 CF Liquid helium cryostat
  • HP 53152 45 GHz frequency counter.
  • the low- and high-frequency modulation frequency units
  • DICE ENDOR system (two DDS's).

The following accessories are available for the two EleXsys 560 systems :

  • 2 * XSophe-Sophe EPR simulation suites
  • NMR Teslameter (plug-in for both systems)
  • 2 * ER 4122 SHQE SuperX High-sensitivity cavities
  • 4 * standard (TE102) rectangular cavities
  • 2 * BRUKER ENDOR cavities
  • The BRUKER Dual-Mode cavity and the BRUKER TE104 double rectangular cavity.
  • The 100-600K ER4131VT EPR-ENDOR variable temperature control unit with transfer lines and glassware.
  • ER 4113 HV Liquid Helium control systems 1.9-300 K (OXFORD ESR910) and 3.8-300 K (OXFORD ESR900). Controllers, pumps, flow meter and transfer lines
  • AIR PRODUCTS helium refrigerators (3) with controllers, transfer lines, flow meters etc.
  • ENI 3100L,3200L and Amplifier Research 150A220 rf-amplifiers (for ENDOR)
  • The programmable goniometer ER 218PG1 for crystal studies
  • Home-made X-band and Q-band EPR/ENDOR cavity/vacuum shrouds systems for in situ X-irradiation and measurements at liq. helium temperature.
  • A variety of flat-cell accessories for aqueous solution and spin trapping experimets
  • In addition, a Phillips X-irradiation 100kV generator and side-window X-ray tubes (Cr and W) is available in the lab, and X-diffraction (Weissenberg, Cu or Mo tubes) capabilities in nearby labs.

BRUKER e-SCAN EPR/alanine dosimetry table-top spectrometer
The following accessories are available:

  • HP dx2000 (2.8 MHz, 1 GB) desktop computer
  • Alanine dosimeter pellet inserts - low-dose and Xlow-dose
  • Alanine film dosimeter inserts - low-dose and high-dose
  • Irradiated food insert with g-marker

Description of services:

  • X-ray and proton irradiation of cell cultures with dosimetry measurements
  • Studies of radiation responses
  • Studies of effects of hypoxia including measurements of oxygen and metabolic compounds

About the EPR Laboratory

The Laboratory is equipped with 3 spectrometers (BRUKER) and home build sample holders (cavities) permitting X (9.5 GHz)- and Q (35 GHz)-bånd EPR, ENDOR (Electron Nuclear Double Resonance) and EIE  (Endor Induced EPR) detections in the temperature interval 4 K - ca 400 K.

The operation of the laboratory is a collaboration between the Physics Department (UiO) and Department of Molecular Biology (UiO).  The laboratory is a part of the Physics Department, in the research section Biophysics and Medical Physics (BMF),  located in the 3rd floor in the Chemistry building.


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