Laboratory for electronics (ELAB)

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Facility Manager: Ole Dorholt
Location: Sem Sælands vei 24
0371 OSLO



  • Bungard Spray-etch
  • Precidrill
  • LPKF Proprint paste-printer
  • Metcal manually paste dispensing tool
  • ASSCON Quicky 450 vapor-phase solder machine
  • DIV. Microscope
  • SuperDry component storage
  • Termaks environment circulation
  • Audio Precision SYS-222 Test & Measurement station
  • Rhode & Schwartz spectrum and network analyzer
  • Le Croy High Speed oscilloscope
  • CAD / CAM / CAE - tools
  • F&K Delvotec M17 Bonding machine
  • F&S Bondtec 5600 C pull-tester / shear test (500cN)
  • ONYX-32 Flexible Assembly Robot

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About the Laboratory for electronics (ELAB)

The laboratory delivers mainly specialized electronic equipment for scientific research projects. We have comprehensive experience on producing important parts in the research at CERN and sounding rockets and satellites. As a laboratory at the university, we are involved in the lectures in electronics and technical courses. In our work we collaborate with many institutes inside and outside Norway and are a competence center. We have high competence on different assembly-techniques and use of advanced CAD tools (CAD/CAM/CAE) and general analog / digital circuits design.



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