Transmission Electron Microscopy - NorTEM lab

The Transmission Electron Microscope is one of the most powerful instrument that can probe the structure of materials at the Nanoscale. Information about morphology, crystallography, electronic structure, chemical bonding can be obtained with high precision and correlated to macroscopic properties.

The Structure Physics group carries out research both on Material Sciences and on the refinement and development of TEM techniques. The group has a strong focus on energy-related materials.

The TEM lab at the Department of Physics is part of the NorTEM national infrastructure. For a detailed price list click here.


Prof. Jon Gjønnes-  First laureate of the Gjønnes gold medal awarded for a life time achievement in crystallography every alternate year.

Gjønnes-Moodie lines in space group forbidden 010 reflection in SnO2 Rutile type structure

 “The basic scientific achievements of the last century - which one may epitomize by three words:  the atom, the computer and the gene -  rest on  two  main efforts: Quantum theory - which is prerequisite to our understanding of the atoms and the way they are put together, Crystallography - which is the basic, never-ending task of exploring the atomic architecture of matter"- Jon Gjønnes


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