• Superconductivity Lab in Oslo was the first in the world able to visualize flux quanta in superconductors using magneto-optical imaging. The Nobel committee has chosen our images for the 2003 presentation of Nobel prize in physics. "Science & Vie" considers our image as one of the best science images ever taken. See Single-vortex magneto-optical imaging page.
  • Superconductivity Lab is one of the world leaders in magneto-optical imaging. We organized the first and only conference on magneto-optical imaging that took place at Hardanger fjord, Norway, 2003.
  • Superconductivity Lab is well-known for most extensive studies of a spectacular phenomenon - Dendiritic flux avalanches in superconductors
  • Superconductivity Lab's web-page used to be Google #1 hit on the word "superconducting": This is mainly due to our popularization pages on
  • Our video of a levitating superconductor is YouTube #1 hit (out of 250,000) on the word "physics" and has been seen more than 6 million times (>3000 views daily).
  • As many as 51 papers of our group have been selected for the Virtual Journal of Applications of Superconductivity that features best articles in the field selecting from ~100 broad-based source journals. This is more than the rest of Norway. 
  • The Superconductivity Lab is part of AMCS group of excellence.


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