What is molecular gastronomy? And can it be used in high-quality science communication?

Erik Fooladi (Høgskulen i Volda) will talk about food, gastronomy and sciences.

* Note that the seminar will exceptionnaly be at 14:15! *


Schematic drawing. Left: pure chocolate. Right: chocolate after adding just a little water. See more explanations here

The term molecular gastronomy first appeared in the late 1980´s and has since gained increasing momentum. It has been a source of fascination, development and reorientation within both certain areas of science as well as society. it has also stirred feelings resulting in heated debates amongst both researchers and artisans. Is this a societal movement, a is it a scientific discipline, or maybe it is simply a fad? The presentation given will discuss what molecular gastronomy is (or can be) as well as ways to use this phenomenon to communicate an intriguing but yet fairly balanced picture of the nature of science.

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Amélie Neuville
Published July 17, 2015 2:55 PM - Last modified Nov. 23, 2017 10:41 AM