Poster Friday (2)

Are you also curious to know what research is brewing on the other side of the hall in PGP-AMKS group? Please join us to listen to short talks by our new colleagues, and to look at some posters!


14:35     Welcome 
             Overview of PGP and AMKS

15:00     3-slides/3-minutes introductions to new projects:
             Alban Souche
             Frank Guldstrand
             Jesus Sanchez
             Joanna Dziadkowiec
             Knut Tyse
             Kristine Jarsve
             Lisa de Ruiter
             Kristine Jarsve, on behalf of Ole Rabbel
             Tobias Schmiedel 
             Vegard Sørdal
             Xiaojiao Zheng
             Øyvind Gløersen

16:00     Poster session:
             Irene Nilsen
             Ole Ivar Ulven
             Felix Kohler
             Maya Kobchenko
             Jan Cornet
             Thomas Qureishy
             Frank Guldstrand
             Anne Pluymakers

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