NORGEREF project: Developing neutron reflectometry in Norway, with applications to photovoltaic silicon coatings and magnetic proximity effect

By Atle Jorstad Qviller, former postdoc at IFE Kjeller Physics Department


The JEEP II research reactor on IFE Kjeller has several instruments for doing neutron scattering experiments, but lacks a neutron reflectometer. Thus, a postdoc position was granted from the Norwegian Research Council in order to do scientific work at other neutron sources and gain competence in this field with the eventual goal of attracting funding and constructing a reflectometer.

The speech will first discuss reflectometry on a level comprehensible to anybody with a basic understanding of physics or materials science and then discuss the three main results of the project:

1) Developement of a non-invasive method of characterizing hydrogenated silicon coatings for surface passivation and loss reduction in photovoltaic silicon wafers. Hydrogen content in the coatings are measured by reflectometry and are correlated with minority carrier lifetimes measured by photoconductance. A strong correlation has been found between hydrogen content in the coating and its beneficial property of reducing losses in silicon wafers.

2) Direct observation of magnetic proximity effect in a heterostructure through polarized neutron reflectometry.

3) A grant from the Norwegian Research Council for actually building the instrument.


Published May 23, 2017 2:58 PM - Last modified May 23, 2017 2:58 PM