Teaching general relativity in high schools through the development of a digital learning environment

By Magdalena Kersting, Doctoral Research Fellow in the Physics Education group, Department of Physics, UiO

General relativity is a new theory for gravitation. Introducing the idea that gravity is not a force, but a manifestation of the geometry of the universe, Einstein reinterpreted our physical reality and set the stage for the development of 20th century's physics. Whereas time and space are static features in classical physics, Einstein describes the relationship between space, time, and gravity by merging time and space into a dynamic four-dimensional fabric called spacetime. However, despite its scientific relevance and public popularity, general relativity is rarely present in school curricula. I think it’s time to change this! I have developed an online learning environment about general relativity and currently, I study learning processes in the domain of Einsteinian physics. In my talk I will not only address my research, but we will have a look at some cool features of my learning environment as well.

Published Jan. 26, 2018 11:46 PM - Last modified Jan. 26, 2018 11:54 PM