Porous Flow

PGP is a partner in FLOWTRANS, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) research programme, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework People Programme.

Prof. Dag K. Dysthe looking at a flint layer in chalk near the K/T boundary at Stevns Klint in Denmark to study associated compaction processes.

About Flowtrans

FlowTrans ITN is a multidisciplinary network of academics, researchers and industry experts from across the world. The collaborative approach of the FlowTrans ITN provides a unique research training environment for 11 Early Stage Research Fellows and 4 Experienced Research Fellows.

Through participation in the FlowTrans network, the Research Fellows will advance the knowledge and understanding of the flow and transformation of porous media and through state of the art analytical and experimental methods, develop research and techniques that can be directly used in a range industrial applications. A dedicated training and learning programme is in place to enable Fellows to develop a range of management, communication and interpersonal skills

The purpose of FlowTrans – Flow and Transformation of Porous Media – is to investigate and understand the flow and transformation of porous media through a range of disciplines including physics, chemistry, earth sciences and mathematics.

Flowtrans at PGP

Objectives: To create a chalk compaction model based on physical principles and with independently measurable variables

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