Participants in Semiconductor Physics

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Terje Finstad Professor +47-22852855 SMN
Andrej Kuznetsov Professor +47-22857762 Radiation phenomena, China, Semiconductors, Detectors, Solar cells, SMN, Nano- and microtechnology, Heterostructures
Eduard Monakhov Professor +47-22840935 SMN
Aasmund Sudbø Professor +47-22842219 +47-97022209 (mob) Optics, photon, electromagnetic waves, Micro- and nanotechnologies, Renewable energy, SMN, Electronics, physics, UNIK
Clas Persson Professor +47-22852424 materials science, Theoretical physics, Renewable energy, atomistic modeling, DFT, Green's functions, Programming, SMN
Erik Stensrud Marstein Professor II
Viktor Bobal Senior Engineer +47-22852892 SMN, Semiconductors
Alexander Azarov
Augustinas Galeckas Researcher +47-22852828 SMN
Lasse Vines Associate Professor +47-22840940 SMN, Point defects, DLTS, SPM, Semiconductors, Diffusion, SIMS
Klaus Magnus Håland Johansen Senior Adviser +47-22840936 +4799578163 (mob) SMN
Hussein Ayedh
Heine Nygard Riise
Ilia Kolevatov
Thomas Neset Sky
Julie Bonkerud Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Mads Eide Ingebrigtsen
Torunn Kjeldstad Researcher +4747669821 (mob) Atomic Layer Deposition, SMN, Semiconductors, Solar cells, LENS, Silicon
Josef Gert Åsheim Ellingsen Student SMN
Marit Larsen Higher Executive Officer +47-22852879
Sigbjørn Grini Student 47091335 SMN
Vegard Skiftestad Olsen Researcher +47-22840956 99159872 SMN, LENS
Halvor Dolva Head Engineer +47-22859180 +47-92492053 (mob) Semiconductor physics
Christian Zimmermann Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Defects, Oxides, Characterization
Kristin Bergum Researcher +47-22840944
Raj Kumar +47-22857756 SMN
Vishnukanthan Venkatachalapathy
Xin Song Postdoctoral Fellow 22840945
Ymir Kalmann Frodason Doctoral Research Fellow Semiconductor physics, Defects, Renewable energy, DFT, Atomistic modeling, Materials science
Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Jon Borgersen Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Aleksei Grigorev Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Christoph Seiffert Senior Engineer 0047-45507209 SMN, Semiconductor physics
Geraldo Cristian Vasquez Researcher +47-22840939 electron microscopy, Defects, SPM, spectroscopy, SMN, Luminescence, Semiconductor physics
Martin Nyborg Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, SuSolTech
Jon Borgersen Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Maya Narayanan Kutty Researcher +47-45919694 SMN
Philip Michael Weiser Postdoctoral Fellow +47-45373050 +47-45373050 SMN
Kalliopi Bazioti Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Thomas Aarholt Researcher SMN

Other participants