Master projects

The activity triangle, showing the three main tasks that could be performed in a master thesis project.

Master projects are available for all branches of research currently investigated in our group. In principle we study all types of materials, but we have a strong focus on materials for clean energy. We have open projects on thermoelectric or light-emitting materials, solar cells, catalysis, surface engineering, Hydrogen production, diffusion and storage and many more.

Each project is centered around three main activities, as illustrated in the activity triangle: synthesis, characterization and modelling. Since there are many different topics, a project could comprise just one or all three of those activities, also depending on the competence, inclination and desires of the prospective master student.

We have had 51 master students completing their thesis in our group in the period 1988-2011, of which 8 women (16%). After completion of their thesis, 15 (30%) have continued at the university, 15 (30%) have gone working in a research institute, 7 (14%) found employement in the industry sector, 3 (6%) in the public sector and 11 (22%) in the education sector.