Emergence of anyons and ground-state properties of the anyon gas

Douglas Lundholm, KTH Stockholm

Quantum systems confined to planar geometries may exhibit effective particles with unusual statistics, known as anyons. These can be modeled as identical particles (either bosons or fermions) in 2D with magnetic flux attached to them, resulting in a notoriously difficult many-body problem. I plan to review some recent progress on understanding the basic properties of the anyon gas, including its emergence in the fractional quantum Hall setting, the validity of an average-field description for almost-bosonic anyons, as well as rigorous estimates for the ground-state energy of the ideal and the extended gas. The talk will be based on work in collaborations with M. Correggi, R. Duboscq, S. Larson, V. Qvarfordt, N. Rougerie, R. Seiringer and J. P. Solovej.

(The slides will be available here)

Weekly Theory Seminar. Note the time!

Published Jan. 5, 2018 9:26 AM - Last modified Jan. 5, 2018 9:26 AM