The Workshop will take place in the Blindern campus of the University of Oslo.

How to get to the Blindern campus from the city center:

From the city centre you can easily get to campus by metro (T-bane) number 4 or 5. The metro stops at  "Blindern".

You can also get to Blindern by tram number 17 or 18. The tram stops at "Universitetet Blindern". 

11-12th September

The first two days of the week are allocated for the SUNFLOWER Workshop with oral presentations and will be held in Auditorium U40 in the Domus Theologica building of the campus.

13-15th September

Last three days are dedicated to the SEASTAR data analysis meetings and will take place in the Seminar room V172 located in the Physics Building.

Both places are indicated in the map below:




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