Published Dec. 11, 2012 9:44 AM

Every year in December, the Geminids meteor shower occurs. It is visible to the naked eye with its many shooting stars – given clear sky.

A sounding rocket campaign in Northern Norway has given new insight to meteor showers.

Published Oct. 1, 2012 12:41 PM

The Center for Accelerator-based Research and Energy Physics, University of Oslo, offers for the spring semester 2013 three or four scholarships in technical nonproliferation and disarmament studies to students from developing countries.

Published Aug. 23, 2012 9:57 AM

Particle physicists have developed a new medical technology that combines PET and MRI in one. Benefit: Improved image quality and less radiation.

Published May 14, 2012 1:09 PM

The northern lights interfere with radio communications, GPS navigation and satellite communications. Researchers are now going to launch 20 satellites containing world class instruments from the University of Oslo to find out why.

Published May 8, 2012 9:02 AM

New insight into the behaviour of atomic nuclei may explain how gigantic star explosions, or supernovas, have formed the elements that are crucial to mankind.

Published Feb. 2, 2012 1:42 PM

When the Americal Physical Society made their 2012 calendar, they picked a picture from the University of Oslo.