Japan-Norway Partnership Programme

The Japan-Norway Partnership Programme is a research and education collaboration as well as exchange program between Kobe University and University of Oslo. The area of collaboration is space simulations.



The Japanese-Norwegian Partnership in Space Simulations between the University of Oslo and Kobe University provides a unique study opportunity for students interested in space science and numerical modeling. It is open for all students in physics, mathematics, computational sciences, and informatics. The Kobe-Oslo project is centered on numerical simulations of space related problems, such as interaction between sounding rockets and plasma, cometary environment, asteroids and lunar surfaces, or plasma turbulence. Participating students will learn how to use and create large scale numerical models, run them on supercomputers, and relate their results to ongoing space missions. 


The partnership includes:

  • Intensive 4DSpace Numerical Workshops in Japan and Norway.
  • Student exchange program on master and PhD level.
  • Mobility of faculty staff.


4DSpace Numerical Workshops

The workshops are joint intensive study programs where students will learn different aspects of numerical simulations with particle-in-cell codes, running experiments on supercomputers, and basics of space science. The Japanese-Norwegian student teams will work in groups on problems related to the ongoing research projects for sounding rocket experiments. The research-based projects are expected to result in scientific reports or publications.

The workshops are open for students in their last year of the bachelor degree and master students. PhD students are also eligible to apply.

In year 2019 two workshops will be organized:

9th 4DSpace Numerical Workshop

Location: Kobe, Japan.

Date: 15-22 June 2019.


Application deadline for students from UiO:

13 March 2019.


10th 4DSpace Numerical Workshop

Location: Oslo, Norway.

Date: 16-20 September 2019.


Application deadline for students from UiO:

01 September 2019.

(it is encouraged that students apply for both workshops at the same time)


How to apply:

Send the application before the deadline by email to: kobe-oslo@fys.uio.no.

The applications (in English) should include: short CV and a motivation letter (max. one page). Selection will be based on the application and the final interview with the applicant.

The language of instruction will be English. The organizers will provide transportation and accommodation for the workshops for the traveling students. Students should have some background in numerical simulations. It is expected that students participate in two workshops, one in Japan and one in Norway, and that they complete a scientific group report summarizing the project.


Students from Kobe University should apply through their home university. Due to logistics, the deadlines are different for students from Norway and Japan.

Kobe-Oslo student exchange program

A short and medium term exchange program between Kobe University and University of Oslo is available for master and PhD students. Students from UiO working on numerical projects can spend between one and three months in Japan to work on their projects under joint supervision. The Kobe-Oslo scholarship will be provided for successful applicants.

How to apply:

Contact: kobe-oslo@fys.uio.no for possibilities and further information.


Students from Kobe University should apply through their home university. 



The Kobe-Oslo project is funded through the UTFORSK 2016 Partnership Programme administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU).  The funding is provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

The funding for Kobe-Oslo project is granted for years 2017-2020 through project UTF-2016-long-term/10054.

This long-term partnership builds upon previous activities funded by SIU together with the Research Council of Norway in years 2015-2016.



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