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Potential topics for master projects at the Department of Physics

UiO is Norways largest institution for basic research, and we offer topics from a wide range of physics. We here list some potential projects, divided on different master programmes and study options.

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You will find thesis proposals by following the links below.

About the topic proposals

A general description of topics are given, together with contact persons for the different topics. Some topics might be relevant for several study options.

A thesis will seldom be exactly as described here, but the depiction gives an idea of possible content, and the student will in cooperation with the supervisor formulate the final project description. A supervisor can decide whether or not to assign a thesis to a student. All proposed topics will not be available at any given time, since this will be affected by the capacity of the supervisor, among other things.

The list may contain topics no longer available, and there might also be topics available that are not on the list. We plan to clean the list once a year. The primary purpose of the list is to give an overview of possible topics, and who to contact for more information.

There is no template for the topic descriptions. They therefore vary in form and content, lenght and language, bup hopefully this shows the diversity of our department.