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Information for New Master Students at the Department of Physics

All programme students are expected to check the programme webpage on a regular basis as the administration will publish relevant information there.


All master students will have their own e-mail address at UiO. They are expected to check their e-mail on a regular basis as the administration sends important infomation via e-mail. If you choose to use your own e-mail address we recommend that you forward e-mails from your UiO address to your private address. More information about UiO e-mail.

Contact persons for the programmes:

All master students will have a contact person. He/she will help new students on the way and also help find a supervisor and master thesis.

Contact persons

Compulsory Health, security and enviroment courses (Physics and Computational Science):

For students with admission to the master's program in Computational Science the following courses are compulsory:

For students with admission to the master's program in Physics the following courses are compulsory:


Course application deadlines

Deadline to hand in study agreement is December 1 in your first semester.

Part-time studies:

If you are considering part-time studies, you must apply to the program board as quickly as possible after admission, or as soon as you know your progression rate has been changed. Applications for part-time studies after students have startet to work part-time will not be granted.

Application form for part-time studies

Finished courses before admission that are supposed to be part of theoretical curriculum?

If you have already fineshed courses, before admission, that are to be a part of your theoretical curriculum, this will normally give a subtraction in time regarding deadling for the master thesis. Courses that are given as requirements in your admission letter will likewise give an addition in time. All requirements must be finished within 12 months after admission to the program.

Form for agreement/plan

Grade descriptions for Master's theses

Grade descriptions are given and will apply for students who are admitted to master's studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences .

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