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How to use the Library

Mandatory for new master students at the Department of Physics.

Bookshelf from library.
Photo: Simen Kjellin/UiO

As a master student, you will need to read relevant scientific papers. We advice you to find some review papers already in the WelcomeWeek, in order to make it easier to find a project and a supervisor.

Searching for relevant literature in a new field is one of the things the Science Library can help you with. But there is more to the Library! From correctly citing, referencing and considerations of copyright, through the nitty gritty details (and possible enlightened inspiration!) of the actual writing process, to the task of giving presentations, designing posters and research communication; the Science Library have people working with all of these fields.

In this session you will meet your subject specialist in Physics from the Library and get a taste of how librarians can help you write a great master thesis.

The introduction will be held twice, once for each of the following programmes:

12.15 - Computational Science & Electronics, Informatics and Technology
13.15 - Physics

The Study administration will take attendance at the beginning of each course, so be sure to be there on time. The course will be held in Store Fysiske auditorium.


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