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Tid: 5. sep. 2019 10:15

Espen Rusten at the Department of Physics will give a trial lecture on the given topic:

"Functional imaging for monitoring tumour response in radiotherapy”

Tid: 4. sep. 2019 13:0514:00

Adam Falkowski, LPT Orsay/Paris

Weekly Theory Seminar.

Tid: 4. sep. 2019 09:30

Adaptive Power Control in Peer to Peer Networks

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Tid: 30. aug. 2019 13:15

Anders Hafreager at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Efficient workflows in molecular Dynamics simulations and Applications"

for the degree of PhD

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Tid: 30. aug. 2019 13:15

Marius Ladegård Meyer at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Binary Bose gases in synthetic magnetic fields"


for the degree of PhD

Tid: 30. aug. 2019 10:15


Anders Hafreager at the Department of Physics will give a trial lecture on the given topic:

"Transitions in the collective motion of self propelled particles"


Tid: 30. aug. 2019 10:15

Marius Ladegård Meyer at the Department of Physics will give a trial lecture on the given topic:

"Entropy, physics and information: A perspective from quantum systems"

Tid: 30. aug. 2019 09:30

"Bioimpedance on ASIC: Design of a 350 nm CMOS Analog Front-End of a 4-Electrodes-Compatible Measurement System for Impedance-Based Monitoring of Cell Cultures"

Multiscale solid in upper, left angle and arrow below it pointing to a plot of a different adsorption regimes. The plot distinguishes between micro-, meso-, and macroporosity.
Tid: 29. aug. 2019 15:1516:00

A Njord/PoreLab Seminar. 

Benoit Coasne is a CNRS Research director at Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, University Grenoble Alpes. He has done a lot of work on porous media and molecular simulation.

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Tid: 29. aug. 2019 10:1511:00

As part of her PhD, Marthe Grønlie Guren will do a presentation on a review of molecular dynamics simulations. 

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Tid: 23. aug. 2019 12:1513:00

Liquefaction is a serious earthquake hazard. Under shaking, naturally saturated granular media (soils, fault gouge) that usually supports shear stress like a solid, may start to flow like a fluid. This phenomena is not well understood nor predicted. Einat Aharonov will present a numerical study of such a system and explain some of the physics controlling it.

Tid: 21. aug. 2019 13:0514:00

Valerie Domcke, DESY Hamburg

Weekly Theory Seminar.

Tid: 21. aug. 201929. aug. 2019

The International Conference on new Frontiers in Physics aims to promote scientific exchange and development of novel ideas in science with a particular accent on interdisciplinarity.

Tid: 19. aug. 2019 14:15

Simulations and means of characterization of gravity-stabilized flow on a self-affine surface

Tid: 16. aug. 2019 10:00

Atomistic Modelling of Creep and Flow in Silica-Water Systems

teacher and student
Tid: 16. aug. 2019 09:1512:00

We are sorry to inform that this event is cancelled due to few registrations. 

Every year in August and January we arrange REAL undervisning (REAL teaching) as a kick-start of the semester with focus on teaching and learning. 

Tid: 16. aug. 2019 09:15

Evaluation of image quality for metal artifact reduction reconstruction techniques using a novel quality phantom especially designed for metal artefact evaluation

Tid: 15. aug. 2019 09:0012:30

Vi inviterer igjen til REAL undervisning - MNs seminarserie for kvalitetsheving av undervisningen, av og for ansatte ved MN. Kom - bli inspirert - diskuter - ta på forskerbrillene på egen undervisning!

Tid: 14. aug. 2019 10:00

Deep-level transient spectroscopy system with a response time in the microsecond time frame

Tid: 7. aug. 20199. aug. 2019

"Fysikermøtet" is a biannual meeting of Norwegian physicists in academia, industry, schools and research.

Tid: 6. aug. 2019 10:00

Solving the mysteries of 133Xe with inverse kinematics.

Nuclear level density and Ƴ-ray strength function for 133Xe using the inverse-Oslo Method.

Tid: 4. juli 2019 11:00

Solving SU(3) Yang-Mills theory on the lattice: a calculation of selected gauge observables with gradient flow

Tid: 2. juli 2019 10:30

Acoustic Recognition with Deep Learning; Experimenting with Data Augmentation and Neural Networks

Tid: 1. juli 2019 13:30

Modeling and control of a fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle

Tid: 28. juni 2019 11:00

Effects of auroral substorms on GPS accuracy at high latitudes

Tid: 28. juni 2019 10:00

Monte Carlo simulations of Hall effect in variable range hopping systems

Tid: 28. juni 2019 08:45

Relative Biologic Effectiveness and Linear Energy Transfer effects of low energy proton irradiations for T98G human glioblastoma cells

Tid: 27. juni 2019 10:00

Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics

Tid: 25. juni 2019 09:00

Reconstruction of Indoor Environments Using LiDAR and IMU

Tid: 24. juni 2019 13:00

Image-based terrain characterization for autonomous vehicles, based on deep learning

Tid: 24. juni 2019 09:30

Plastic bottle cap detection - Utilizing artificial intelligence

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Tid: 21. juni 2019 13:15

Le Xu at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Experimental Observations of Dissolution in Fractures in Circular Geometry"

for the degree of PhD

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Tid: 21. juni 2019 13:15

Le Xu at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Experimental Observations of Dissolution in Fractures in Circular Geometry"

for the degree of PhD

Tid: 21. juni 2019 10:15

Le Xu at the Department of Physics will give a trial lecture on the given topic:

"Dissolution and precipitation processes and patterns formation at the geological scale"

Tid: 21. juni 2019 10:00

Mikrofonmatrise integrert med treghetsnavigasjonssystem

Tid: 21. juni 2019 10:00

New experimental constraint on the reaction rate of 67Zn(n,γ)68Zn

Tid: 20. juni 2019 14:30

Ultra low power accurate temperature sensor for IoT

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Tid: 20. juni 2019 13:15

MSc Øyvind Nøstdahl Gløersen at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"On the bioenergetics of cross-country skiing"

for the degree of PhD

Tid: 20. juni 2019 10:15

Øyvind Nøstdahl Gløersen at the Department of Physics will give a trial lecture on the given topic:

" The use of technology developed for sports to enhance health and well being for the general public"

Tid: 20. juni 2019 10:00

Relic Density of Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter

Tid: 20. juni 2019 09:00

Characterisation and modelling of multipath propagation at V/UHF frequencies

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Tid: 19. juni 2019 09:4520. juni 2019 16:00

The EarthFlows Meeting is an annual event on its 5th edition, and part of a strategic research initiative for cross-disciplinary research at the University of Oslo, Norway. This year's seminar will be held in Oslo between 19th and 20th of June 2019.

Tid: 18. juni 2019 11:00

Shell Evolution Towards 78Ni: Spectroscopy of 74Cu and 76Cu

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Tid: 17. juni 2019 12:1513:00

Ass. prof. Ian Bourg from Princeton University will be visiting us on June 17th, to give a seminar on: "Clay, water, and salt: Controls on the hydrology and mechanics of fine-grained soils and sedimentary rocks".

Tid: 17. juni 201920. juni 2019

In close collaboration with Michigan  State University, we are happy to give faculty from UiO, NMBU, UiA, USN and UiB the opportunity to attend a four days intensive workshop in state-of-the-art scientific teaching in context. In 2019 we focus on integrating computation in undergraduate physics.

Tid: 14. juni 2019 13:30

Cybersecurity in cyber-physical systems - Digital Substations

Tid: 14. juni 2019 12:00

"Studentar si interesse og meistringsforventning for programmering og modellering i biologi”


Tid: 14. juni 2019 09:00

"Programmering i biovitenskapelige problemstillinger”


Tid: 12. juni 2019 11:15

Machine Learning and Sonification Applied to Fish in Wideband Hydroacoustic Data

Tid: 11. juni 2019 14:00

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