Access to facilities at the Department of Physics during the corona closure

This web page includes information about procedures for access to facilities and hygiene measures at the Department of Physics during the corona closure. The information is intended to ensure a safe and secure working environment for staff and students linked to limited opening in conjunction with ongoing coronavirus pandemic to avoid infection and COVID-19.

Please note that the information at this web page comes in addition to the overall guidelines from the University of Oslo, and the information from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Procedures to get access to facilities at the Department of Physics from May 18:

1) Follow UiO’s course on infection prevention measures (mandatory, takes 15 min):, read and follow the infection prevention measures.

2) Understand local requirements at each section (contact your section leader if this has not already been made clear)

3) Submit the access request form

4) For short visits to the Department to collect "stuff" for your home office, contact your section leader as before.

5) In case of a corona outbreak at the Department of Physics, we encourage everyone to log your own presence at the department (date, time, place) to be able to trace who is affected. This will prevent a possible new "shutdown".


Please note that:

- You should use the main entrance (both sides) or the handicap entrance to the Physics Building.

- In the Chemistry building all users are supposed to use only one entrance (all others are closed).

- The Research Park and MiNaLab have their own access regimes.

- Employees can access buildings with their access card. 

- You should wash your hands before or after entering the building where you work. The Estate Department (EA) has the responsibility to put up hand wash (Antibac or similar) at our entrances (Physics and Chemistry Building). Remember that hand wash with soap is always the preferred solution.

- Access outside normal working hours (0800- 1600) is OK, as long as p. 1 - 5 above are followed.


Note that we will loose access if:

- We do not manage to follow the infection prevention measures (e.g. too many people to close to each other, not sufficient cleaning)

- We have a new corona outbreak. If so, we might be forced to go back to the regime “Closed”, but with some experimental activities allowed.



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