Tid: 17. juni 2021 10:15

Combining multiparametric MR images to provide non-invasive assessment of prostate cancer aggressiveness

Tid: 18. juni 2021 10:15

Spectroscopic investigation of Band Alignment in Novel 2DEG devices based on κ-(MxGa1−x)2O3-alloys

Tid: 22. juni 2021 10:45

Probing Modified Gravity via Cross-Correlations of Galaxies with Gravitational Waves

Tid: 23. juni 2021 10:15

Nano-scale Monte Carlo simulations of proton transport

Tid: 24. juni 2021 10:15

Pre-therapeutic Dosimetric Prediction of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy

Tid: 25. juni 2021 10:00

Multi-point data analysis using Swarm electron density data

Tid: 28. juni 2021 10:15

Volumetric and dosimetric variations during fractionated radiotherapy of anal cancer and potential for margin reduction

Tid: 28. juni 2021 10:45

Freeze-in Production of Scalar Singlet Dark Matter

Tid: 28. juni 2021 11:15

Dynamical Decoupling Using Reinforcement Learning

Tid: 28. juni 2021 11:15

Estimating information loss in LHC simulations: how to tackle the curse of dimensionality

Tid: 29. juni 2021 10:30

Modelling Dayside and Nightside Reconnection Rates for the Expanding/Contracting Polar Cap Paradigm

Tid: 29. juni 2021 14:00

Modelling the propagation of polar cap patches

Tid: 30. juni 2021 10:00

Fysikkundervisning i koronapandemien – en undersøkelse av erfaringer fra hjemmeskole

Tid: 1. juli 2021 10:00

Dose tracking assessment for image-guided radiotherapy of cervical cancer treatment using a hybrid deformable image registration (DIR) method

Tid: 1. juli 2021 10:45

On the Necessity of Horizons – Disputing the Existence of Hawking Radiation from Horizon-Less Objects

Tid: 2. juli 2021 09:45

Single and dual energy computed tomography in proton therapy

Tid: 27. aug. 2021 09:45

Intermediate Coulomb Excitation of 77,79 Zn


Tid: 15. juni 2021 11:00

Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Learning Reconstruction

Tid: 15. juni 2021 10:45

Any Sign of Quantum Gravity? Search for excited gravitons G* in 13 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Tid: 14. juni 2021 09:30

Force microscopy of magnetic nanoparticles

Tid: 11. juni 2021 10:00

Measurements of prompt fission γ rays from the 233U(α, α'f) and 237Np(d, pf) fission reactions

Tid: 10. juni 2021 10:00

Statistical properties of 233U - Investigating the Scissor Resonance of 233U, using γSF and NLD from the Oslo Method analysis with the new OMpy software

Tid: 9. juni 2021 11:00

Strict Localization and Single-Photon Approximation

Tid: 8. juni 2021 11:45

The effects of spatial and temporal oscillations on hydrodynamic dispersion

Tid: 31. mai 2021 10:15

Benchmarking indirect (n,gamma) reaction rate measurements for s-process nucleosynthesis in the Re/Os region.