Mastereksamen - Side 7

Tid: 24. juni 2020 10:15

Development and characterization of Ga2O3-based MOSFET transistors for high power electronics

Tid: 19. juni 2020 09:00

Programmering og dybdelæring i fysikk - en kvalitativ studie av elevers arbeid med programmering i fysikk 1

Tid: 17. juni 2020 15:30

Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Active Flow Control

Tid: 15. juni 2020 17:30

Exploring a Network Model of the Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

Tid: 15. juni 2020 10:15

Search for electroweak production of charginos and sleptons decaying into final states with two leptons and missing transverse momentum in √ s= 13 TeV proton-proton collisions using the ATLAS detector

Tid: 15. juni 2020 09:30

Enabling new methods for assessing neuronal GABAergic cells - dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and machine learning

Tid: 10. juni 2020 14:00

Refinement of Antideuteron Formation Models

Tid: 9. juni 2020 13:00

The Strength of the Scissors Resonance as a Function of Deformation in the 144, 148, 150 Nd Isotopes

Tid: 9. juni 2020 13:00

Nematic Bond Theory of Frustrated Heisenberg Models on Triangular and Honeycomb Lattices

Tid og sted: 8. juni 2020 17:30, Zzom

Dynamics of a 2D Bose-Einstein Condensate With an Impurity

Tid og sted: 8. juni 2020 10:30, Zoom

Electron traps emerging in β-Ga2O3 after reverse bias annealing

Tid: 2. juni 2020 09:30

Ionosfæriske scintillasjoner på GNSS-signaler over Dronning Maud Land, Antarktis: statistikk og kasusstudier

Tid: 26. mai 2020 13:00

Differentiating between fresh-chilled and frozen-thawed chicken breasts and pork sirloins with bioimpedance

Tid: 2. apr. 2020 10:15

Dosimetric Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) for Anal Cancer

Tid: 18. mars 2020 09:15

Experimental study of the pygmy dipole resonance in the (p,p'ϒ ) reaction on 124Sn and its evolution in the Sn isotopic chain

Tid og sted: 10. mars 2020 13:15, Lille fysiske auditorium

Molecular Structure Identification Using Machine Learning

Tid og sted: 31. jan. 2020 12:00, Kristian Birkelands auditorium Fysikkbygningen

"Presenting clinical diagnostics based on the analysis of the functional magnetic resonance imaging measurements and clinical parameters of the Neoadjuvant Avastin Breast Cancer study"

Tid og sted: 24. jan. 2020 13:00, Rom Ø434, Fysikkbygningen

"Estimating cerebral water diffusion metrics from MRI using different model assumptions and sequence configurations. A simulation study."

Tid og sted: 24. jan. 2020 11:00, Lille fysiske auditorium (V232), Fysikkbygningen

"Background modeling and signal estimation using Gaussian Processes in the H→ϒϒ channel"

Tid og sted: 20. jan. 2020 10:15, Lille fysiske auditorium (V232), Fysikkbygningen

"Methods of low dose determination using EPR/alanine radiation dosimetry"

Tid og sted: 13. jan. 2020 10:00, Lille fysiske auditorium (V232), Fysikkbygningen

"Training deep learning models to classify input to simulations of a biological neural network"

Tid og sted: 17. des. 2019 13:45, Kristian Birkelands auditorium, Fysikkbygningen

"Classical Molecular Dynamics using Neural Network Representations of Potential Energy Surfaces"

Tid og sted: 17. des. 2019 10:15, Kristian Birkelands auditorium, Fysikkbygningen

"Immunogenic calreticulin signaling in lung and glioblastoma cancer cells after x-ray and proton irradiation - Protocol development and optimization"

Tid og sted: 17. des. 2019 09:30, Rom Ø397, Fysikkbygningen

"Studies of Quantum Dots using Machine Learning"

Tid og sted: 16. des. 2019 09:15, Lille fysiske auditorium, Fysikkbygningen

"Latent Variable Machine Learning Algorithms: Applications in a Nuclear Physics Experiment"