Nuclear and Particle Physics

For potential topics for a master project in nuclear physics, contact the Section for Nuclear and Energy Physics.

Potential topics for a master project in the Section for High-Energy Physics (HEP, comprising high-energy nuclear physics, i.e. heavy-ion collisions, and particle physics) are described here.


Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Open charm measurements at CERN SPS energies in the NA61/SHINE experiment 12. aug. 2022
Searches for new gauge bosons, Z' & W' and heavy neutrinos 15. mars 2021
Searches for Supersymmetry and Dark Matter 15. mars 2021
Search for Dark Matter in mono-Z and mono-Higgs final states 15. mars 2021
Path for education, research and discovery 15. mars 2021
Model independent searches for new physics with supervised and unsupervised learning 15. mars 2021
Extra space dimensions and microscopic Gravity 15. mars 2021
Utvikling av silisium detektorer for å studere anti-materie ved AEGIS 15. mars 2021
Utvikling av pixel detektorer for å oppgradere ATLAS detektoren 15. mars 2021
Computing and Software at the Exascale 15. mars 2021
Photoproduction of J/psi in hadronic collisions 15. mars 2021
Development of Monte Carlo programs for relativistic hadronic and heavy-ion collisions 15. mars 2021
Modification of J/psi production in the QGP 15. mars 2021
Elliptic flow of J/psi 15. mars 2021
Søk etter mørk materie med Cherenkov Telescope Array 15. mars 2021
Particle accelerator physics studies for the European Spallation Source 15. mars 2021
Higgs boson production 11. mars 2021