Plasma dynamics on the Moon

In 2023, an Emirati rover called "Rashid" will carry a Langmuir probe to the Moon. This project aims to simulate the lunar plasma environment in order to be able to interpret its measurements.

The interaction between the solar wind and the Moon is very different from its interaction with the Earth. Due to photoemission of electrons, the dayside of the lunar surface is (probably) positively charged, such that a sheath of electrons is formed - probably. In order to measure this lunar plasma sheeth, the rover "Rashid" carries an instrument capable of measuring the electron density. However, by its presence, the rover disturbs the lunar plasma environment. The aim of this project is to model the rover/Moon/plasma interaction in order to better understand the measurements from the lunar surface.

Publisert 11. jan. 2022 16:13 - Sist endret 11. okt. 2022 09:36


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