Section of Physics of Geological processes (GEO PGP)

Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern, 0316 Oslo
Visiting address Sem Sælandsvei 24
Fysikk bygningen
0371 Oslo
Org. Unit ID 152220


The list contains 19 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aupart, Claire Olga Maryse Doctoral Research Fellow
Chauve, Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow
Cordonnier, Benoit Researcher
Demurtas, Matteo Postdoctoral Fellow Geology, Microscopy, Rock deformation
Dunkel, Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow
Galland, Olivier Researcher +47-22856719
Guren, Marthe Grønlie Doctoral Research Fellow
Jamtveit, Bjørn Professor +47-22856612
Johnson, James Ronald Doctoral Research Fellow
Kandula, Neelima Doctoral Research Fellow
Kobchenko, Maya Researcher +47-41398183
Mair, Karen Professor +47-22856048 Geology, Geomechanics, Geohazards, Sonification
McBeck, Jessica Ann Associate Professor
Menegon, Luca Associate Professor +47-22856725
Petley-Ragan, Arianne J. Research Fellow 93922853 (mob)
Rabbel, Ole Doctoral Research Fellow
Renard, Francois Professor +47-22857740 Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Remote sensing, Geohazards, Hydrogeology, Geomechanics, Environmental Geology, Materialvitenskap og -teknologi
Schmid, Daniel Researcher +47-22856491 Geology, Structural geology
Zhong, Xin Researcher +47-97391198 (mob)