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Facts and figures 2017

Scientific publications 283
Master programs 1
Bachelor programs 3
Achieved master`s degree * 60
PhD dissertations 12
PhD candidates 54,3
Academic staff  (man-year) 172,8
Technical staff (IT/Laboratories, man-year) 21,3
Administrative staff (man-year) 13,9
Finances (mill NOK) * 215,4
- Part of the budget that is externally funded ** 50%

Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo is the broadest geoscience research-based teaching environment in Norway.

* The facts except Finances is taken from the Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH), and facts about staff is taken from UiO' årsverkskube (31.12.2017).

** External financing is included Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED). This CeO centre is organizationally a part of the Dept of Geosciences.

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