The Andean Geotrail, photograph exhibition in the Science Library, UiO

In connection with a project related to teaching and dissemination of geoscience to students in France and Oslo, went the researchers Olivier Galland and Caroline Sassier, both from the Department of Geosciences out on an journey along the Andean Cordillera in South America. They visited 30 geological sites, explored these and communicated what they observed to students via their blog. See photos from the trip in the exhibition: The Andean Geotrail from Feb 27 to 04:15 PM - Apr 30, 2014, Science Library, University of Oslo.

The Andean Geotrail; Geosciences and dissemination of geological phenomena such as volcanoes, glaciers, oilfield, salt desserts, silver mines, but also interviews with people from the area they visited. Poster: Science Library, University of Oslo.

The geologists Olivier Galland & Caroline Sassier set up an educational project in 2008/2009. They visited 30 spectacular geological places in the Andean Cordillera, and at the same time teaching pupils from 17 Schools through a blog.

The trip started in Ushuaia in southern Argentina and went to Lima in Peru, the distance was over 8400 km and they spent nine months on the trip which was carried on bicycles.

The trip researchers wanted to highlight major geological questions such as: What is the origin of volcanoes? How did the mountain ranges formed? Why do earthquakes occur and why are they so destructive?

See photos from the trip in the exhibition: The Andean Geotrail opening 27 February 2014, Science Library, V.B. Hus, Campus,UiO

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