The MAGPIE Greenland field campaign for 2019 comes to a successful close

Members of the MAGPIE (Magnetotelluric Analysis for Greenland and Postglacial Isostatic Evolution) project at Dept. of Geosciences & CEED have spent much of June on the ice sheet of Greenland. Now nearing its completion, the campaign was a great success and has been documented day-by-day on the MAGPIE blog. 

Driving back into camp after one of the last pickups. Photo: MAGPIE

Driving back into camp after one of the last pickups. Photo: MAGPIE

The CEED and GEO MAGPIE team left for the Greenland Ice Sheet in early June. Now, some weeks later, they are packing down their field equipment and heading home from the EastGRIP research station!

Better estimates for the glacier's melting water to the sea

MAGPIE seeks to provide better estimates for the loss of ice from Greenland's Ice Sheet and its contributions to sea level rise. One the ways to do this is through the collection of Magnetotellurics (MT) data under the ice sheet. This will provide important information as to conditions of the solid Earth under the ice, and its contributions to uplift and melting processes.

The MAGPIE field campaign is the first ever magnetotelluric (MT) survey of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The field work documented in a blog

The team has been isolated on the white gigantic ice sheet in both nice and slightly worse weather. The campaign is now coming to an end, but the their work is documented in the MAGPIE's blog.

The blog is packed with exiting photos and day-to-day descriptions for how they work to collect data in a research team.

The #MagpieGreenland expedition team includes Clint Conrad (CEED, UiO), Kate Selway (Macquarie Uni.), Maaike Weerdesteyn (CEED, UiO, PhD student), and Silje Smith-Johnsen (UiB, PhD student).

By Gunn Kristin Tjoflot
Published June 24, 2019 4:32 PM - Last modified June 24, 2019 4:32 PM